Why Parylene Coatings

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Tried and Tested: Parylene conformal coatings have been protecting and lubricating elastomers, electronics, plastics and metals for over four decades.

This ultra-thin coating provides a consistent pin-hole free barrier that is truly conformal, coating all shapes, edges, crevices and recesses to the same thickness, without suffering any of the edge effects of more conventional coatings.

Environmental Protection

Parylene is considered by many to be the very best thin film conformal coating for environmental protection particularly in high reliability applications.

It is the coating of choice to ruggedize critical electronics, devices and subassemblies in industries such as Aerospace, Defence and Medical.

Parylene provides protection from moisture, corrosive bodily fluids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus far surpassing the protective properties of most other conformal coatings.

Solves dry friction

Parylene is a highly lubricous dry film coating.

Parylene N has a low co-efficient of friction of 0.25 static and dynamic between 2.5 – 6µm.

Being particulate free and bio compatible, it is the favoured dry film lubricant for release-ability of manufacturing aids for medical device manufacture.

For elastomeric applications Parylene is used to remove tackiness from the substrate at coating thicknesses as low as 1500Å.

Benefits of Parylene include:
  • Ultra thin light weight film – coating thickness of less than 1 µm can be applied, penetrating micro porosity to provide pin hole free protection and lubricity.
  • Uniform – thickness tolerances are typically held to ±20% from nominal.Tolerances as tight as ±5% are possible even for the most intricate and complex shapes.
  • Stability – Parylene is inert and insoluble in most solvent systems within its temperature range. It is thermally stable between -200°C and 125°C and higher in an inert environment.
  • Dielectric strength – extremely high dielectric strength of 7 kV/mil.
  • Lubricant – Parylene acts as a dry film lubricant, eliminating the need for liquid release agents.
  • Environmental barrier protection – Parylene provides protection from moisture, corrosive bodily fluids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus.
  • Low stress process – applied at room temperature. Any object which can be exposed to medium vacuum can be coated with Parylene.
  • Elasticity – elongation to break of Parylene C is 200%.
  • Optical clarity – Parylene C is optically clear.
  • Sterilisation – by any method has little impact to the physical properties of Parylene.
  • FDA – Device and Drug master file held with the FDA to support client company 510k submissions.