High Reliability Coating for Electronics


Parylene is considered by many to be the very best thin film conformal coating for environmental protection in high reliability applications.

CW Parylene coatings have been ruggedizing electronics, devices and subassemblies in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Medical and Military applications for over 25 years.

Electronics operating in harsh environments benefit from the high reliability that Parylene coatings provide.


Some of the benefits to electronics include:
  • Complete conformance to the substrate – no bridging, pooling or edge effect.
  • Dielectric strength of 6-7 kV/mil
  • Tin whisker suppressant – the best thin film protection for electronic systems.
  • Improved lead free solder joint life (x2 any other conformal coating in tests)
  • Repelling moisture, corrosive fluids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus.

Suitable for most delicate and sensitive applications, Parylene coatings create no thermal stresses or cut forces upon the product.


Examples of applications include:
  • Electronics assemblies
  • PCBs
  • Electronic housing
  • Sensors
  • LEDs
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Magnets
  • Wire wound and Powered Ferrite cores
  • IP67 rating
  • 60601 low voltage directive

For further information on Parylene coating properties and electronic applications

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